About Us

Copen & Lind

Gennah Copen

Gennah Copen has worked in cable communications since 1981. As a consultant, and as a general partner in the firm of Copen & Lind Consulting, she works with city and town governments, telecommunications regulators, access/media centers, nonprofit organizations and schools developing community communications. She is a facilitator, negotiator, developer and communicator who works closely with clients to determine and meet their unique needs.

Paul Lind

Paul Lind is an electronic and broadcast engineer with more than twenty years of experience working with access/media centers, educational entities and municipal governments. He negotiates franchise renewals and develops capital and telecommunication infrastructure plans. He designs, develops and implements community television/media centers. His design of systems and production environments are considered elegant, cost-effective and inviting to both the novice and experienced user.

Our Primary Associates

Barbara Wolf is a documentary filmmaker who has been involved in community television since 1979. With Copen & Lind she develops survey instruments; writes and edits materials including proposals, questionnaires and reports.

Marah Loft, of Marah Loft Designs, is a designer and fine artist. She works with Copen & Lind creating logos for print and television identification; and presentation drawings of proposed facilities. She advises on interior color, signage and other visual challenges

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