Facility Design & Renovation



    Our designs reflect a dedication to providing systems and spaces that empower the user. We look at facilities as organic wholes, not just a collection of technical and administrative rooms. In all of our designs we work to bring in the human factor in both scale and placement.

    We began designing media production centers when we realized that few architects or contractors know television studio design. Architects that do know, tend to use specialty materials that raise the price of renovation beyond the range of many communities. We’ve developed custom design solutions including room acoustics, studio lighting systems, and HVAC systems that use standard materials and methods. Any good contractor can construct these systems without the need for expensive specialty houses or vendors.


    We are skilled at cost-effective solutions. We are always aware of the need to stretch funds to provide centers which are state-of-the-art, aestheically pleasing, user friendly and sustainable. We bring this awareness to all phases of site selection; building and contractor negotiation; materials and design specification; and renovation oversight.

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