Workshop Handouts / Free Resources

    Over the years Copen & Lind has presented numerous workshops and seminars at state-wide, regional and national forums. The handouts from some of those presentations, as well as consulting instruments, are provided below.

These handouts are in PDF format. You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print them.

Ascertainment & Renewal

    Community Needs Ascertainment and Franchise Renewal: Six (6) different handouts that we have prepared on this subject over the years - Building Community Support, Formal Renewal Process, Negotiation Pointers, Ascertainment Report Table of Contents, Franchise Provisions and the Telecommunications Vision Plan.

Startup & Management

    Access Management Models Describes the various types of management models that are generally found in the access community and gives some of the pros and cons to each model.

    Operating Rules Overview of areas to consider when creating or updating your Rules and Proceedures.

Facility Design & Renovation

Equipment & Engineering

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